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Performance Exhaust; Fuel Delivery; Ignition Systems; Performance Chips; Performance Suspension; ... / Yamaha Marine 150 hp 2.6L Saltwater Series II EFI OX66 Motorcycle, ATV ... Year Range for Yamaha Marine 150 hp 2.6L Saltwater Series II EFI OX66 2003 Yamaha Marine 150 hp 2.6L Saltwater Series II EFI OX66. 2002 Yamaha Marine 150 hp 2.6L.

Mar 1, 2009. #3. Re: 1999 Yamaha 150 SS OX66 EFI Bogs down. some things to look at: #1 compretion and /or leak down test. (probbubly not the issue but easy to do) #2 i normaly would start here with the steps needed to trouble-shoot the fuel system-but- the fact the motor acts up at 2500rpm, is the same as the rpm limit of an over heat or no oil. These Yamaha 250HP OX66 high-power sparkplugs are designed to help you improve power output, low-end torque, launch time and acceleration to further increase fuel efficiency. SPECS-READ MORE Average Rating Quality Price to value ratio Shipping & Wrapping Customer & Tech Support 151 Customer Reviews 81% average rate 3 star 6% 2% 1% (5/5). I purchased a fuel pressure gauge from Harbor Freight (OReiley's charges $134 for a rental!) and hooked it up tonight, absolutely no pressure nor do I hear the pump kicking on. I.

The OX66 isn't particularly quiet or smoke free, it can be thirsty, but the things that usually go wrong with it seem to boil down to these simple things. When I had an OX66 with he exact same issues, these things made a big difference. BTW, I think that Ringfree is all but useless....SeaFoam gets the carbon out, Ringfree never did for me.

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Yamaha 692-24410-01-00 Fuel Pump The 692-24410-01-00 is a genuine OEM replacement fuel pump for Yamaha Outboard engines. Fits: Yamaha Outboard Engines 25HP. how to get money from venmo to paypal.

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